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Science Education Strategies for the Concerned Teacher and Parent

Using Content as a Base for the Growth of: Science Skills, Science Concepts, and Science Attitudes   How can you get the most out of your K-7 Science Classes? Plan and teach them using this highly acclaimed and comprehensive book. It includes teaching and evaluation strategies for:  LESSON PLANNING GROUP WORK DEVELOPING SCIENTIFIC ATTITUDES REFINING SCIENCE CONCEPTS BUILDING THINKING SKILLS TEACHING BASIC & ADVANCED PROCESS SKILLS EXAMINING SCIENCE CONTENT Follow us all through the pages as we look at Science Teaching from the perspective of 2 students - Sue (The Rat) & Louayne (The Frog)! Jergen Jargon will look at BIGGGG words... Our teachers, Mr. & Mrs. Beamish will offer timely advice... The snake will try to work his way up to a level of understanding... Guffaw Punster will offer some terrible jokes... The Footnote just hangs around looking important!   For Sale Soon!


A Guide to Science Instruction...with a difference!